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Instructions on how to properly preserve and consume caviar

Posted on 27.01.2022

Maintaining caviar at the right temperature is key to preserving its quality. After purchasing it, it should be refrigerated at +2 to -2 degrees as soon as possible. Caviar is particularly sensitive to oxidation. Its taste and quality are directly affected by the presence of air, thus it is advisable to open the box just before you consume it. Ideally it should be served cold on ice. If not consumed during your meal it can be noticeably different in taste the following day.
It is usually consumed with an ivory, mother-of-pearl or other non metal spoon as metal tends to give its delicate pearls a metallic taste.
It is commonly served on its own in various ways-on a rusk, a blinis, garnished over boiled potatoes and sour cream or boiled egg whites.