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Our Caviar

Caviar is an exclusive handcrafted delicacy and that can be instantly noticed. For a product of the high quality and supremacy of Thesauri caviar to be mastered, the method we use is long and arduous.

The eggs of the female sturgeon are harvested and classified according to their size and colour. Our expert personnel follows the time enduring Russian process of preparation in order to ensure the product's unique flavour.

The salting process, which is the second stage, is carried out by applying the traditional Malossol method in order to maintain the delicate finesse of its flavour while accentuating the aftertaste.

Quality tests are constantly held to ensure caviar firmness and excellent quality.

It is only upon customer order that our caviar is harvested and packaged. Packaging is completed under sterilised conditions to guarantee you consistently receive the freshest caviar in the market.

Every package is sealed with security tape and can be traced through its unique number printed thereon.

Our aquafarm has been assessed and complies with all the requirements of Food Safety System Certification (FSSC) 22000. Furthermore, it is FDA approved for the United States market.

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