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Caviar and Champagne: The incomparable combination

Posted on 15.07.2022

It may seem old-fashioned, but once you have tasted the right combination of caviar and champagne, you can understand why this classic pairing, that seems so simple, is the absolute indulgence.

The freshness and crispness of the champagne bubbles can be a perfect complement to the saltiness and buttery texture of caviar. Dry champagnes tend to be an ideal match and the ones that offer the most-beloved, luxurious pairings.

The unique flavor profile of caviar calls for special pairings such as Blanc de Noir champagnes. With a complex, more fruity profile, offering the perfect balance of bright acidity that interacts with caviar and refreshes the palate, the options are countless.

For a more fun pairing, the idea of a rose champagne is always attractive.

Fruity or sweet champagnes should be avoided as caviar accentuates any sweetness in the wine.

Some of our picks:

  • Louis Roederer Brut Premier
  • Taittinger Comtes de Champagne
  • Krug
  • Dom Pérignon